Financial Overview


Annual Report 2013

View online our Annual Report (PDF with interactive links).  Or click here to download a PDF version. Youth For Christ USA strives for financial integrity and fully meets the standards of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.  View our ECFA filing.

Download our 2016 Audit Statement.

Click here to go to our page.  Click here to download the 2015 Form 990.

Note: The figures above reflect the activity of the National Service Center in Englewood, CO and its six regional offices.  This overview reflects income of $18,335,957 and expenses of $16,724,539.  Local Chapter resources and expenses are not included in these totals, but typically represent an additional $68,000,000 annually in income and expense.


​"Youth For Christ USA has earned our third consecutive 4-star rating. Receiving four out of a possible four stars indicates that your organization adheres to good governance and other best practices that minimize the chance of unethical activities and consistently executes its mission in a fiscally responsible way. Only 14% of the charities we rate have received at least 3 consecutive 4-star evaluations, indicating that Youth For Christ USA outperforms most other charities in America. This “exceptional” designation from Charity Navigator differentiates Youth For Christ USA from its peers and demonstrates to the public it is worthy of their trust." - Michael Thatcher, President of Charity Navigator

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