YFC/USA is part of a world-wide movement – Youth for Christ International.

We are knit together with our common mission, vision, statement of faith, and passion to reach young people with the life changing message of Jesus Christ.  However, YFC ministry doesn't look the same in every country. 


One of our strengths in YFC is that we're an indigenous-based ministry - all leaders are local in their countries.  Hence, they understand the culture and respond effectively to the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs in their community.  In the 100+ countries across the world where YFC has active ministry, we are flexible and adaptable to the needs of kids.

In India, young women learn how to sew in order to improve their lives, and they have the opportunity to learn about Jesus from YFC staff.

In Taiwan, we have an online virtual world because young people there make so many connections online.  After interacting with them on the Internet, YFC counselors invite these young men and women to safe, Christ-centered activities.

There are 35,000 staff and volunteers of Youth for Christ around the world.  In any given calendar year, roughly 125,000 young people make a first-time decision to trust Christ as their personal Savior through the ministry ofYFC.

There are 35,000 staff and volunteers of Youth for Christ around the world.

David Wraight is the International President of Youth for Christ, and the administrative headquarters of the worldwide offices is based in Denver, Colorado.  For more information, visit the Youth for Christ/International website.

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