If you have never heard this story of how Youth for Christ got started at the end of World War 2, you owe it to yourself to take the time to watch it. It’s an hour and 45 minutes long but well worth the time to see how YFC spread like a prairie fire around the world from 1944-53. This was primarily a project of Executive Producers, Earl and Barbara Schultz, producer/director, Wendy Collins, writer/narrator, Ron Wilson, editor Dan Philgreen, scoring and additional music, Warren Williams, and production assistant, Norma Collins. There are actual video interviews of Louise Alfors, Gus Ambrose, Ken Anderson, Dan Ankerberg, Floyd Ankerberg, Don Argue, Rose Arzoomanian, Cliff Barrows, Kelly Bihl, John Boswell, Dave Breeze, Art Brown, Tedd Bryson, Will Bruce, Werner Burklin, Ray Clendenan, Jack Cochrane, Wendy Collins, Bob Cook, Roger Cross, Evelyn Crowell, Jack Daniel, Ed Darling, Don DeVoss Peter Deyneka, Jr., Merrill Dunlop, Bill Eakin, Ted Engstrom, Bob Evans, Jack Fain, Bob Finley, Doug Fisher, Leighton Ford, Walter Frank, Paul Freed, Gene French, Billy Graham, Henry Grosh, Lacy Hall, George Hare, Jack Hamilton, Ray Harrison, Paul Hartford, Dorothy Harvey, Evon Hedley, Dick Hillis, Johnnie Hope, John Huffman, Ron Hutchcraft, Cy Jackson, Reid Jepson, Kenny Joseph, Mel Johnson, Paul Johnson, Torrey Johnson, Bufe Karraker, Jay Kesler, Jerry Klippert, Al Kuhnle, Don Lonie, Bruce Love, Roger Malsbary, Florian Manas, Donald McIntosh, Roy McKeown, Gordon McLean, Tal McNutt, Gene McGee, Ken McQuere, Vidy Metsker, Hubert Mitchell, Jess Moody, David Moeken Don Mott, Bob Murfin, Wilbur Nelson, Louie and Phil Palermo, Bob Pierce, Lorraine Pierce, Ted Place, Judy Raby, Mary Pratt, Ed Reese, Ted Roe, Franklin Robbie, Merv Rosell, John Sandberg, Fred Sanborn, Ray Schulenberg, Earl Schultz, George Beverly Shea, Anamae Sine, Al Smith, Paul Smith, Walter Smyth, Jack Sonneveldt, Bill Stevens, Greg Tingston, Kathy Tyler, Normon Vernon, Joe Weatherly, Bill Weston, Wally White, Warren Wiersbe, George Wilson, T. W. Wilson, Sam Wolgemuth, Jim Wright, Joan Yoder, and Ravi Zacharias. Don’t miss the song at the end by Wayne Watson, “For Such a Time as This.”

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