Ajith grew up in a Christian home in Sri Lanka and committed his life to Christ at age 14. Almost immediately the Lord gave him a burden for evangelism. Sam Sherrard had just started Youth for Christ there, and at the age of 16, Ajith joined YFC as a volunteer. Later he went to seminary in the states where many people tried to persuade him NOT to go back into YFC. But he got a letter of invitation from Sam to take his place as National Director because Sam was leaving to start YFC in Hawaii. But Ajith’s professor told him that invitation was God’s call. So in 1976 Ajith returned to Sri Lanka as National Director. Now after 38 years the ministry has grown to 10 centers all over the country. When Ajith started, they had 6 or 7 full-time staff. Today they have 80 staff and 400 volunteers.


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