While a student at Taylor University, Art ran radioactive tritium experiments and other experiments for his physics professor, Dr. Elmer Nussbaum. As a senior he took the Graduate Record Exam and did quite well. It earned him two fellowships from the Atomic Energy Commission. One was for Harvard University in the field of Health Physics. The other was in Nuclear Engineering at the school of his choice. He chose the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana. After one year he got his masters in Nuclear Engineering and began work on his Ph.D. At the same time he had volunteered for Youth for Christ on the Board of Directors and in running a couple of clubs. When they needed to select another Executive Director, they came to Art and asked him and his wife, Lois, to pray about it. After an experiment to see how open engineers were to the Gospel, Art decided that young people are much more open and flexible in their thinking. So they joined the YFC ministry full-time in September, 1964. Thus, he went from working with Nuclear Reactors to working with Teenage Reactors!

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