Art became a Christian at age 9 in his dad’s church. Like his parents and three sisters, he went to Taylor University where he majored in Math and Physics and minored in Chemistry. He also played the trombone and was part of a Trombone Trio Gospel Team for three years. Jay Kesler, then Regional Director of YFC, invited the trio to attend and participate in YFC’s 12th World Congress in Bristol, England in August, 1960. They played for the meetings that week in Bristol and then stayed over for three additional weeks of ministry in churches, pubs, and out on the streets and beaches. When the pubs closed at midnight, they held evangelistic services for those who still didn’t go home. Art thought it was a wonderful mission trip but decided to stick with engineering for a career. Little did he know that that trip would be the first of over 100 mission trips he would take with YFC over the next 50 years.

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