Bill grew up in Akron, Ohio and became a Christian at age 14 in his local church. He met Jeanne at age 15 in high school. They were married in August, 1949, and he then began ministry in Herolds of Christian Youth in Akron, which was a forerunner of YFC. He got into YFC by being a songleader at the YFC rallies. In 1958 they moved from Akron to Gary, Indiana to work with Bruce Love. After a year they moved to Wheaton into the same house that Wendy and Norma Collins were moving out of. He met Jack Hamilton at Winona Lake and was very encouraged. One day in 1960 Jack walked into his office and said he was leaving and had chosen Bill to take his place as national Club Director. He did that for nine years, developed Teen to Teen, The Balanced Life Concept, and Insight-Impact.

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