Bruce was involved in the Hi-C program, which became Chicagoland YFC in his sophomore year in high school. Sometimes they would have as many as 100 kids in their weekly club. In his junior year, he was elected president of the club. He was hurt playing football and decided to spend his time and energy in YFC. While he was at Wheaton College he worked under director, Dave Mains, and alongside Vic Graham and Jim Weaver. He met his lifelong friend and business partner, Dave Veerman there. Clayton Baumann convinced him and Dave to work with North Area while they went to Trinity Seminary. They pioneered the transition from YFC Clubs to Campus Life around 1965 and beyond. Later Jay Kesler recruited him to be the training director. He worked with Art Deyo and others to bring many new staff into the Intern program. He ran many Summer Institutes of Training for new staff at Rockford College in Rockford, Illinois. From 1976-88 he was Vice-President and was involved in publishing, including the Life Application Bible.

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