Byron entered YFC in 1974 and was on staff for 38 years. He started as an Intern in Campus Life in Minneapolis. He was Executive Director for Southwest Minnesota YFC for 8 years and was an RFD for the Northern States for one year. Then Dick Wynn asked him to be the Program Director for Youth Congress ’85, and he continued to be involved in the DC/LA events till 2006. The kids at DC ’97 gave thousands of dollars to help take this type of conference overseas to third-world countries. In 2000 Byron went as the speaker at the Bangladesh YFC Superconference with 1200 young people. He tells how the Lord wanted him to give an invitation to receive Christ on the first night – even though he planned to do it the second night. 300+ young people stood and came forward to receive Christ that night in that largely Hindu/Muslim country. Listen to Byron as he tells about getting his feet kissed!

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