Cari knew about YFC as she was growing up. Her uncle David and her uncle, Rollie Richert, were both involved. Rollie directed both Youth Congress 85 and DC 88. As a high school student, Cari went to Youth Congress 85 and participated on stage with Michael W. Smith. This led to her doing an internship at DC 91 during college. She met her husband, Ken Allen, in college, and they married late in 1991. She and Ken worked together on staff at DC/LA 94, DC/LA 97 and DC/LA 2000. After Ken joined the Denver Area YFC staff in 2010, Cari began praying that their oldest son’s school would have a Campus Life Club. When they did, the club met at their house, and now they are praying for their younger son’s middle school to have Campus Life.


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