Dave’s mother had been involved in Torrey Johnson’s Midwest Bible Church, so his parents knew Torrey quite well. And Torrey even preached at their funerals. Dave’s mother led him to Christ at age seven. He attended a junior high YFC Club in Rockford, Illinois when he was 13. They asked him to be the program director, so that first year he never returned. But later he got involved in high school and became the president of the club. His parents were not only involved in YFC, but he and his sister and two brothers were also. He won a trip to Capital Teen Convention in 1962 and was involved in several of the talent contests. When he attended Wheaton College, he was involved in Fox Valley YFC, but at that time he had a “crisis of faith.” With the help of some of his friends and the chapel speakers at Wheaton he was able to sort through the faith his parents had given him and develop his own faith. He went on to be on staff in North Area YFC, New Orleans YFC and at the National Office in Wheaton until 1985.

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