David continues his miracle story of pioneering YFC. After several years in YFC in Cape Town and George, South Africa, David felt called to pioneer YFC in Madagascar in 1998. The ministry grew rapidly through English Clubs. After seven years there they had between 3000 and 4000 young people go through their English Clubs, which God used to springboard many other ministries. These included music and sports and radio. They did cycling, soccer, volleyball and basketball, and at one time they had the second best soccer team in the country. Many of the kids in English clubs were mentored and discipled and coached to become strong Christian leaders. Many ended up teaching at the university or as YFC leaders in seven cities across the country. Two of the young men were disciple in their home for three years. After Madagascar, David left to help start YFC in 10 other African nations, including the Indian Ocean nations of Seychelles, Rodrigues, and Comoros. Today David is the Director of Leadership and Pioneering for YFC/Africa.

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