In this eight minute video Dick tells of his conversion while watching the Billy Graham movie “Oiltown USA.” Although his sister got involved in a YFC club, he managed to avoid getting involved until Bruce Love asked him to help with Lifeline Camp the summer after his sophomore year in high school. He saw transformation in these boy’s lives and that was life-changing for him. So he was active in YFC his junior and senior years. Bruce persuaded him to go to Moody so he could continue to help with Lifeline, and that involvement moved him to go full-time into YFC. His second year at Moody he spent a semester going on one of the first Teen Teams to Europe. After graduating from Moody he Spent several years in Ft. Wayne working with Paul Robbins. After that he went to Lansing as the Executive Director. He was also the Northern States Director and the National Field Director and tells about several of the men he mentored over the years. After he left YFC, he worked for Moody for many years, but even now he consults with YFC in the Chicago area and works with YFC Alumni.

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