While Don was directing Wichita YFC, he lost his young wife to cancer. Later his staff tried to hook him up with another woman. He met a beautiful woman at a YFC Singspiration and asked her to be a counselor at a YFC camp in Arkansas. He ended up marrying her, and they have been married for 56+ years and have four boys. Later Don was asked to move to Detroit as the Executive Director in 1965. The ministry grew greatly under his leadership. They had 10 full-time club directors with 92 clubs. They had a Lifeline ministry for troubled kids that the judge said was the best he had ever seen. They filled a 5000 seat auditorium for their rallies and averaged 1900 decisions per year for 5 years. A wealthy businessman helped them find and purchase a 90 acre camp for $90,000. Don got to travel with Jay Kesler around the world to train youth pastors and staff. Don is 87 now and living near Phoenix.

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