Don grew up in a very poor, non-Christian home, one of eight children. One day a man came and talked to him and his brothers about them needing to be in church. He started going to church and nine months later he was saved in a revival service in the church. A couple years later his home broke up and the man, Carl Weir, who led him to Christ, took Don into his home. He went to Moody Bible Institute and attended YFC rallies in Orchestra Hall and later in Moody Church. To get even more education, he attended a four year college near Sterling Kansas, where he met his wife. After they were married, Don continued dabbling in YFC. Wendy Collins asked them to move to Wichita to direct YFC there. They did, but his wife got cancer and died within three months. The impact of their lives caused the ministry in Wichita to grow rapidly. In 1957 Wendy Collins asked Don to go to the World Congress in Copenhagen to get a vision for reaching the world for Christ. Don says, “Moody Bible Institute gave me a love for the Word of God and preaching, and Youth for Christ gave me a vision to reach a world for Christ.”



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