Edward, who lives in the Netherlands as Area Director for EMENA, tells that recently we have started YFC in Sweden, Ireland, Belgium and Syria. He tells about Comfiest in Slovakia with 7000 young people coming each summer for 3 or 4 days. The Gospel is spread back to other nations from which the young people come. He tells about the poor kids in Eastern Europe who are neglected by their parents and there is a 70-80% divorce rate. YFC has more than 200 Day Care Centers in Eastern Europe where the Gospel is shared. One girl that was picked up from the street found Christ and now runs one of the Day Care Centers. He is encouraged by what is happening in the Middle East where Lebanon YFC works with Syrian refugees in the Bekaa Valley. Even Muslim families want to know about this Jesus who motivates our Christian YFC staff to love and take care of their kids. He tells about Egypt YFC reaching the poor kids in the garbage area of Cairo. The young people there have so much hope because of Christ. We just have to look at the situation through Kingdom eyes.


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