As far as we know, Billy Graham and Evon Hedley are the only two people still alive who were in on the ground floor of the start of Youth for Christ in 1944. That’s why we felt very excited to have a YFC celebration of Evon’s 100th birthday. We met at his retirement home, Villa Gardens, in Pasadena, California, on January 23, 2016, three days before his actual 100th birthday. About 40 people gathered for the occasion. We ate a nice buffett lunch, had introductions, showed a couple of videos of Evon’s past life, and had four different people speak about their relationship with Evon - Dan Wolgemuth, Geordon Rendle, Jay Kesler, and June Thompson. Those speeches are on this tape in addition to some music led by Larry Ballenger and Marilyn Rendle.  We laid hands on Evon and prayed for him. You can see an accompanying video in which Art Deyo interviewed Evon regarding his past life. Money for camp scholarships were donated to YFC in honor of Evon.

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