Fernando had many problems in the Christian School that he attended in Bogota, Colombia. But when YFC came to the school, he started attending the meetings. A Project Serve team led by Eli Beltran came from the states in 1984. Missionary Keith Carson was already in the country. Fernando remembers that both Eli and Keith showed him the love of Jesus, and he accepted Jesus into his life at that time. He soon got involved in the YFC ministry and met his wife, Astrid, who was a member of a drama team. They now have three wonderful children. Since healthy families are rare in Colombia, they often had dozens of kids into their home to show them what a real family is like. Again, their main strategy was to show kids Jesus – not just talk about Him. Fernando tells about a young man who committed murder and was sentenced to 25 years in prison, but, having accepted Christ there, he was released after only one year. Now he is on Fernando’s staff sharing the Gospel all over Colombia.

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