Gavin comes from a long line of six generations of ministers. He is the 7th National Director since Billy Graham and Torrey Johnson and others started YFC there in 1946. His father, Clive Calver, was the fifth National Director. Gavin gave his life to Christ at age 18 and joined YFC 13 years ago. He became ND 6 years ago. He says British YFC’s distinction is that they do things first – things no one else would do. Thirty-seven years ago they started Spring Harvest, which today is the largest Christian gathering in Europe. They did GAP year ministry 38 years ago and prison ministry early-on. They help churches reach kids outside the church. They currently are growing very fast – reaching 250,000 young people per month. Their goal is to reach a million youth per month by 2020. Gavin is leaving YFC/Britain in April, 2015 to join the staff of the Evangelical Alliance. Neil O’Boyle will take his place as National Director.

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