You’ve got to watch this awesome God-story of how God got hold of Jon Watts’ life. He grew up near Charlotte, got in with a drug gang at age 12, moved to Peoria, Illinois in high school, and got busted for selling and using cocaine and other hard drugs. He spent 60 days in jail but became a repeat offender when he got out. He was busted again and was supposed to get 5-7 years. Instead they said they were releasing him to go to rehab. All they said was, “We don’t know why!” In rehab a Christian man befriended Jon and said he didn’t belong there. He shared the Gospel, and Jon gave his life to Christ. Four months later, he was giving his testimony in church when he met the woman he would marry – Sarah. He’s been on the Peoria Youth for Christ staff now for nearly two years. WATCH THIS VERY INSPIRING VIDEO!

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