When June was in high school she got involved in quizzing in her church in Brantford, Ontario. On Sunday nights her youth group would go to Youth for Christ to quiz. She got to know the director, John Wills and the Regional Director, Evon Hedley. The YFC programs helped her grow in her faith and her walk with the Lord. After business college she got hired by a legal firm. Evon Hedley approached her about working for him. At first she wasn’t interested, but later she accepted and began her career in YFC on March 1, 1954. A year later Evon was elected President of Canada YFC, they moved the offices to Toronto. A year after that Bob Cook resigned as president of YFCI, and Ted Engstrom was elected President. Ted asked Evon to be his Executive Director and move to the Wheaton YFCI headquarters. Evon took June with him to be his assistant. She started in Wheaton Sept. 9, 1957 and has worked in our national headquarters ever since. She is currently the staff member with the longest tenure in YFC.

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