June worked as Jay Kesler’s Administrative Assistant from 1973-85 at the Wheaton Office. She did Pitman shorthand which she learned when she grew up in Canada. She says Jay was as master communicator, and they used to call him “King of the Metaphors.” He had a lot of one-liners that were quotable. He was in great demand as a speaker. Jay conducted a national radio program called “Family Forum” where Jay would answer the questions of students and parents who would call in. Jay initiated a Publishing Department where many books were published in the name of YFC. He ran TV specials in various chapters all over the country featuring people like Johnny Cash and Barbara Mandrell. At the headquarters office they removed the “I” from “YFCI” and simply became YFC/USA to fit in with the rest of the YFC nations. In 1985 Jay began Youth Congress ’85, which was co-led with Campus Crusade for Christ. This led to us doing our own DC/LA Conferences every three years until 2006. When Jay left YFC in 1985 he became a very successful President of Taylor University.

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