Royal grew up on a farm in Iowa and joined the army out of high school. He was introduced to YFC in 1979 through the Johnny Cash TV Special, “Where Have All the Children Gone?” After showing great interest in working with troubled kids (he and his wife, Elaine, were into drugs before they came to Christ), he began YFC in Iowa City, Iowa. After 12 years they moved to Germany to work with military kids for two years. Then in 1995 he became the International Liaison Director for Europe. In 2001 Royal became the World Outreach Director for YFC/USA. Now they call it Global Engagement, which encompasses World Outreach, YFC Military Ministry, World Link and Project Serve. Royal and Elaine recently visited the new YFC ministry in the Seychelles where they shared their story of being on drugs and saw 14 young men in rehab give their lives to Christ.


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