In 1997 there were 7 or 8 staff in Central Ohio YFC. Joe Williams resigned as Executive Director and Scott Arnold was chosen by the board to take his place. They saw that they were spread all across the metro area with Campus Life, Youth Guidance and Counseling ministries. They were spread too thin to really make a difference. So they decided to consolidate in the Franklinton neighborhood in an area on the Westside of downtown called “The Bottoms.” They realized they needed a program that would involve kids on a daily basis, not just a couple of hours per week. It was hard to borrow buildings that often, so it became evident they needed their own building. They found two old abandoned school buildings that would need lots of renovation. Here Scott tells of the miracle fund-raising effort to raise the $3 million to purchase and renovate the one-story building in what they call Phase 1.

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