Scott tells how he grew up in the Worldwide Church of God (Herbert Armstrong), but his parents left that church when he was in high school. In high school he was confused over what to believe about God when he was invited to a Campus Life meeting. He eventually accepted Christ at a YFC Camp in 1979. When he went away to Ohio State University in Columbus, he contacted the new YFC program led by Art Deyo. After he raised his support, Art hired him, and he worked with Gary Raad in Campus Life. After graduating, he left YFC to get his Master at Seminary and returned to YFC in 1992. He took Bob Uhle’s place directing Youth Guidance when Bob transitioned to a new YFC counseling ministry called Wellspring. Scott became concerned that it was fairly easy for a troubled kid to accept Christ but very difficult for them to become “lifelong followers of Jesus.” This led them to develop a new model of ministry to work with

“at-risk” kids.


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