Sham grew up in India with parents from mixed religions. His father was from a Hindu background, and after they divorced, Sham went to live in Bangalore with his mother who took him to church. He ignored having faith in Jesus for awhile, but in 1982 at a youth camp he gave his life to Christ. In 1989 he chose to go to a Bible College to prepare for ministry, and in 1994 he went full-time with YFC in Bangalore. After two years they asked him to move his family to Mysore to pioneer YFC. He tells the story of a Hindu boy from their YFC Cricket Team becoming a secret believer. But when his parents found out, they threw him out of the house. He persisted in his faith, went to church, and got baptized. The news spread and the police called the boy in. When he stated that he had made the decision on his own accord and not through coercion, they said that was fine and let him go. After six years in Mysore, the Mohans moved back to Bangalore where they had a wonderful ministry. Sham has just taken over as India YFC National Director from Vijay Thangiah.

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