By: Kevin Becht

Summer … in our part of the country it seems to get shorter and shorter as time goes by. With that comes even more pressure to make the most of every opportunity to invest in the relationships with students in our Campus Life ministry sites. But how will we invest that time? Consider these options for appointments with students that are unique to the summer months …

Give Rides. Does your school hold summer conditioning times for athletes? Some younger athletes may have some transportation issues, so grab a volunteer and offer to run a shuttle for students who may need some help with transportation.  Plan so you can have your appointment with them either before or after their work out. These appointments may help you meet some student athletes you would otherwise miss in the midst of a busy fall sports schedule.

Trip/Camp Follow-up. Most all of us will be involved in one or more trips and camps throughout the summer months. It can be easy to let that powerful time come and go, missing out on some great opportunities for appointments with students. Spend some time when you get back meeting with students to talk about the week and dig deeper into their story.

“8.2.9.” As Campus Life leaders, we put a tremendous amount of energy into meeting new students, especially freshmen, when the new year starts. Consider some appointments that will make that task a little simpler when the time comes. I call it my “8.2.9 Plan.” If you are a high school Campus Life leader, consider working closely with your Campus Life [M] team to set up some appointments with those leaving middle school and beginning high school in order to establish a core group of freshmen before the year even starts. If you are a Campus Life [M] Leader, invite Campus Life leader from the local high school to join you and a student so you can make the introduction.

These are just three of the many possibilities to make the most of appointment times throughout the summer.

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