By: Nina Edwards

So you’ve listened well, you’ve given a couple gentle tugs, you have allowed the Holy Spirit to help you tie stories together and now that lost kid you sit across from needs to understand who he is saying yes to and how to begin an authentic relationship with Jesus.

One of the criticisms I have heard over the years around 3Story is that we use relationship as an excuse to not share the highpoints of the gospel.  While this is not true, I do understand why some people may think that. In living a 3Story life, we share the gospel in the context of relationship in order to introduce our lost friend to our friend Jesus.  While we want to give people space to ask questions and discover Jesus, if we use that as an excuse not to lay out the truth of the gospel, we aren’t really living out what God has called us to.

There are a few guidelines to keep in mind as you connect Their Story to God’s Story:

• We don’t have to do it all at once
• We don’t have to do it the same way every time, remember stories and tie points are different for everyone
• We don’t have to have all the answers to every question they may have
• The gospel is not a formula that gets us to God, so we have to be careful not to summarize it as if it were a math problem

So what are the high points of the gospel that you will eventually want to share?
1. God loves us and created us for relationship with Him. Romans 5:8
2. We resist relationship with God. Romans 3:23
3. Jesus Christ lived, died, and rose to restore our intended relationship with God. I Peter 3:18
4. Our positive response to Jesus Christ begins our relationship with God. John 1:12

These high points are useful for organizing the crucial parts of God’s Story.  Knowing there is so much more to God’s Story than high points, we must communicate to a person that it takes a lifetime (and beyond) to take in God’s entire story.  We are inviting our friend into a profound relationship that changes everything.  Remember, the healing power of the cross and the risen Savior is what transforms people, not our authentic relationship with them. 

Consider also using a story from the Bible to illustrate the four high points.  I have found this to be a great way to tie my friend’s story to God’s story as they consider what he has to offer.

For example:
• Zaccheus illustrates Jesus’ pursuit of relationship with us
• The rich young ruler shows us what resisting God looks like
• The woman at the well is a scene of one being restored
• Paul’s conversion is an excellent picture of one who responded positively to Christ
What an incredible privilege we have when we get to shine the light on the beauty and truth of the gospel!

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