By: Katie Burmeister

Campus Life changed my life in high school. I started it as a freshman excited to go on a ski trip with my friends (and some cute senior guys!). Towards the middle of it I started a relationship with Christ. And by the end of it I desperately wanted to be just like my staff members who had made such a huge impact on my life. Thankfully, I had the opportunity to do just that.

My freshman year of college I became an Alumni Leader. I remember feeling like I was a part of something really special. Our leaders got us goofy ties from Goodwill so we would stand out at all-staff training events, and we even got to have our own overnight retreat. But the best part was how the freshmen girls at club really wanted to talk with me. One of the girls came to spend the night at my dorm room and gave me a picture she had painted! It felt great to be helping girls the way my staff members had helped me.

My intern year was even better. I’ll never forget the Florida Spring Break trip. I was able to help out with some of the planning and on the trip a couple of the students I had been hanging out with accepted Christ for the first time! Afterwards I co-led a small group with students from the trip. God was actually using me to bring high school students closer to Him!

The rest of my time in college I was on part-time staff with Campus Life. I have zero regrets over choosing to spend my spare time in college doing something so meaningful with my life. Honestly, most of the time it didn’t really feel like a job because I had developed such close friendships with my fellow staff members. Being on staff with Campus Life meant being a part of a caring Christian community. And being a part of that community meant developing a deeper and stronger walk with God—a walk that started back in high school with caring Campus Life staff.

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