With Accelerate just around the corner, Dr. Dave Rahn shares his passion for reaching students and why he will be among the leaders linking arms at Accelerate November 10-13 in Dallas, TX. Click to play this video.

If you have not yet registered for Accelerate you can still get in on the special advanced rate of only $199 by registering as a school adopter. For Network leaders the cost is just $299 and that includes an extra day of bonus network sessions. 

Accelerate is a strategic interacitve summit with presenters that that include Miles McPherson, Greg Stier, Dave Rahn, Darryl Smith, Heath Adamson and other youth ministry leaders and educators. We are saving your place at the table. Your voice is important. 

Accelerate begins Monday evening Nov 10 at The Hope Center in Plano, TX. Sessions at the Hope Center conclude at noon November 12 and for Network Leaders additional bonus days continue through Nov. 13.

Accelerate is a leadership conference being held by the Campus Alliance, a team of Christian ministries (para-church and church) that have a heart for every school in the US being reached with the gospel. Local Campus Life leaders play a key role in advancing youth outreach and connecting with other ministries to accelerate the work in their communities. So if you want to extend the invite to more of your local leaders please do so. For those who adopt schools on everyschool.com they can register for just $199.

Even if you cannot attend the conference, it is valuable to go the website and make sure your school has been "adopted." -that means that people know you are doing ministry there and can be praying for you. Can you imagine what it would be like to have ministry in all middle schools and high schools across the US? YFC won't ever do this alone but when God's church works together, we have a much better shot!

For further information about the Accelerate Conference, please contact Allison Johnson at [email protected].


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