By: Trent Bushnell

If you are like most Campus Life clubs in the universe, the section on your ministry report form (I hope you have one of those) for appointments is one of the emptiest. 

·         Contacts – automatic. 

·         Building Times – easy. 

·         Club – rocks. 

·         Small Groups – got one going. 

·         Student Leadership – lives are changing forever. 

·         Appointments – stupid kid didn’t show up again.  I might just give up! 


                DON’T give up.  It’s March.  You have ninety days left with some students.  Make appointments a focus – for your whole team.  If you have five staff and everyone did just one appointment a week the rest of the year that will be about 50 - 65 appointments depending on when you get out of school.  If you dis zero appointments each week that would translate into NO appointments; BIG difference.

                This week before club say “time to get some appointments done.  Don’t make it bigger than it is – just get together with a kid!” Have each staff person strategically select three or four students and encourage them not leave club without setting up an appointment.  You might even mention from the front during club that the staff team is going to try and take anyone who wants to out for ice cream before the end of the year. The personal attention of one appointment can make a HUGE difference.

                  What should you talk about at the appointment?

§  Ask them how it’s going. 

§  Ask them what they love about Campus Life. 

§  Ask them about their family. 

§  Ask them for something about their story that you don’t know. 

§  Ask them where a relationship with Jesus fits into their life right now.

§  Ask them about plans for next year (whether graduating or staying!)

                Just ask them.


                 Start THIS week - not next week. 


                Challenge the entire STAFF TEAM (those who are ready) - not just you.


                Offer to buy ice cream at the end of the year for any staff person who does at least 10 appointments.  If you have to pay for it yourself, send me the receipt.  I’ll split it with you!  

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