By: Allison Johnson

Kids are more messed up than ever before.

This is just information from one article!

Kids are cutting, thinking about, attempting and committing suicide, they are facing anorexia, bulimia, depression and anger issues. These are just a few of the emotional disorders or emotions that teenagers are dealing with right now, even this very moment. Have you thought about how your students are doing… emotionally?

When we minister to a student through Campus Life, we think about the whole person. In the last few weeks we have thought about the Spiritual, Physical, Social and now Emotional (or mental) needs of students. It is easy to focus on only one part or another, but we have to think about all the needs of a student.

The hope in all of this is Jesus. He knows all the needs of all the Campus Life leaders and the students we minister to. We just have the job of communicating this to kids: “He knows you, he loves you and he desires to heal you... in every way.”

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