By: Ken Schmidtke

Midnight has been coming to our door wanting to bike ride with my son.

Cali’s family needs food to make meals for the coming week. 

Daniel, a parent of a couple Campus Life students, let me know that his wife left him this past week.

Max is failing a couple classes and is not likely to be promoted to high school if his grades do not improve.

All four of these situations are recent interactions that I or one of the volunteers had with Campus Life students or parents the past couple months.  The balanced life in ministry means more than focusing on the spiritual component of the lives of students and their families.  The balanced life approach means that we will be responsive to the physical needs that arise in the lives of those we interact with: providing friendship to a lonely student who desires companionship, direct a family to the nearby food bank to help fill their pantry, direct a parent to counsel as well as provide support during family strife, provide tutoring to help a student pass classes.

Ministering to others through a balanced life approach means that we come alongside to assist, or bring others alongside to aid, in the provision of needs that occur.  We are not the answer to every need in the lives of kids but we and our teams can be a resource to help or we can help direct students or parents to professionals or other resources.  Our help represents the love of Christ through very tangible acts and through these acts we help bring clarity to the love that Christ offers.

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