By: Allison Johnson

I had no friends.

A few years back I resigned from YFC. For a couple years prior to leaving I had become aware that much of my identity and community was found in Campus Life. I did what I could to make new friends and share life with others, but as an adult, finding “community” is not always easy.

I left YFC and I had few to no friends. I mean, my YFC friends were still “friends” but the main area that we had in common was no longer present- things changed.

When we go to schools to do run-throughs we can quickly see the social circles students belong to, we know the students that don’t have many friends and at Campus Life we strive to not have cliques and create a place for students to “belong”… we care about students’ social lives as a part of their balanced life.


Do we care about our own social lives?

Do you have friends that are your own age? Do you have friends that you are not “ministering” to but can be totally free to be yourself and have the normal gives and takes of relationship? Do you have a social life outside of ministry?

God made us relational, relationships are important to him. And honestly, they are important to you too- you need them for your own health and well being just like students do.

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