By: Allison Johnson, National Campus Life [M] Director

If you aren't doing it - you are not reaching as many kids as you could be.

It may sound like a "straight-to-the-point" or maybe even a harsh statement but it's true. If you are not truly empowering the people around you in the context of your Ministry Team, your Core Team (Student Leaders) or empowering others around you on your Staff Team, you are not reaching as many kids as you could be.

The last few years Campus Life has intentionally pushed into the Building of Healthy Teams. We know that it takes a "relational army" to reach the many lost kids we serve. We know to empower this army we have to build and be a part of healthy teams. We decided to bring as many resources as we could together on this subject for Campus Life 201: Building Healthy Teams.

In this resource you will find information about empowering a Ministry Team, leading a Core Team, and information on how to be a healthy member of the Staff Team you serve. You will also find information about some intentional team opportunities for team expansion like Student2Staff or Community Support Teams. These two teams could take ministry to more and more students.

Campus Life is about reaching lost and unchurched middle school and high school students-not just a few, but a lot! It takes a lot of people, in the context of a healthy team to really do this. Thanks for the help from Campus Life directors across the country to make this an excellent resource with information and practical tips to make your ministry better!

Download CL 201: Building Healthy Teams here

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