By: Dave Ramseyer

One simple way I like to challenge my leadership growth is by intentionally choosing some growth areas to read around. If I can identify some areas where I need to grow, want to learn, or need to acquire certain knowledge, I can choose specific readings to help with my overall growth. This summer I am reading the following books related to specific areas I desired some growth:

Coming into the fall I am starting to sense a few categories that might reflect potential reading areas:

  • Parenting a Toddler
  • Church Growth & Structures
  • Spiritual Disciplines
  • Problem Solving

Finally, there is no substitute for the Word of God. I strongly recommend reading books for growth but these extra sources should only be added to a steady diet of God’s Word, not replace your time in the Scriptures. Remember reading is great but we often need a little space to process what we are reading and thinking on. So read up and take time to process too!

What are you reading? Why?

Have any recommendations for me (especially related to my upcoming categories)?

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