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Campus Life Core Teams Matter

04/28/2015 – “What the *%&^ is wrong with you? You take and take but never give, you’re a *^#@!% joke” You’ve been investing in a key Core student and are excited to see them finally getting traction with...

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Balance Matters

03/31/2015 – When was the last time you tried walking on a balance beam? I am talking about the balance beam that is 4 inches wide, 4 feet off the ground and 16 feet long. A person who does well on a balance beam...

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03/17/2015 – Do you turn your cell phone off at night or not bring it in to your bedroom? How often do you check your email? I am more distracted today than any other time in my life.  Just ask my wife!  We  are...

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Empowering Your Team to Lead Growth Focused Small Groups

01/20/2015 – Jonathan, Brian, John and Kevin started a follow-up small group with me after they made the decision to become followers of Jesus.  We committed to meet weekly for 6 weeks; discussing the basics of...

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Creating Healthy Space Even in the Midst of a Busy Season

12/09/2014 – It is a busy time of year, from Christmas cookies to Christmas shopping, family vacations to Campus Life trips. I could make a list a mile long of all the things a typical Campus Life leader has to...

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