By: Louis Chaney, Campus Life Director, Greensboro YFC

How is your vision today?  When I was younger, I had 20/20 vision but as time passed, my vision began to decline.  What used to be easy to read with arms stretched out is now hard to make out.  I am thankful for contacts that correct what time has blurred.

While our ministry with student leaders (Core Team) has evolved throughout the years, our vision has been focused clearly on developing student leaders to impact their world.   We read in John 13:12-15 the story of when Jesus washed the disciples’ feet.  He set the example of what a true leader is and how he relates to others.  As we engage in relationships with students, we desire to not only see them where they are but also envision what they can become through a relationship with Christ. 

We teach our Core Team to begin to see other’s needs as more important than their own, to serve others like Christ.  We encourage them to pray for their lost friends, learn how to listen well, and ask good questions. This is all so they can begin to see where God has been working. 

As a result, I see Stacie’s and Sam’s smiling faces each week at one of the sign in tables at Campus Life assisting students as they enter. I engage with Core Team members praying for their friends throughout the school year. I watch as each Core Team leads several school-wide community service projects and adopts local families during the Christmas season.

Over the years we have had the privilege to see the fruit of our labors while working with Core Team members.   Some of them have gone on to become successful business and ministry leaders as well as administrators in local schools. Several even have begun to be faithful donors!  Just last week I was encouraged when I had the privilege of talking to one of our Core Team members, Daniel.   He listened to the discussion on peer pressure and wanted to make a difference on his campus.  He told me that he and a friend had come up with a slogan, “SALT” which stood for S –serving, A– as a, L-living, T-testimony!  He recognized the opportunity that God has given him to positively impact his friends and campus for Christ. 
So, how is your vision for your Core Team these days?  I pray that God will give you a clear vision of what your students can become in Christ!

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