I remember when I first started volunteering for Campus Life. I was committed to club and that was it. I didn’t have any experience in youth ministry, I was a young college student, and I was very unsure about my abilities to connect with students. My staff allowed me to be her constant shadow at club, learning from her and mimicking everything she did. I must have looked like a puppy dog, constantly following her around! I had no clue what I was doing and I was sure that all I ever wanted to do was club. That was, until she invited me to go with her to a girls basketball game (I know what you’re thinking, but our girls team won state that year! They were good!). After I got to interact with students in a more relaxed environment and actually be a part of their community I was hooked. 9 years later I am still in the stands for almost every basketball game, every soccer game, and I always try to try to take one of my volunteers with me.

Here are some practical ideas for getting your volunteers to go with you to do ministry outside of club:

PLAN AHEAD: although we would love to have volunteers who have nothing else to do but Campus Life, that just isn’t reality. They have outside jobs, school, families, other obligations, so it is key to look at your school schedule and plan ahead when it comes to school events. Every school website has a calendar of events, so at the start of each month look at what is coming up at your school and communicate with your volunteers to see what works with their schedule.

CONSISTENCY WORKS: there are certain events that you do every week with students, i.e. going to lunch. If you have access to your campus for lunch and are there every single week invite your volunteers to go with you. That is something that happens consistently and even though they may not be able to go every week they know it’s going to happen. Remind them the day before and the day of that you’re going to lunch.

WORK WITH BREAKS: if you have a lot of college students involved in your ministry take advantage of their schedule. Set up extra stuff for them to go to when they’re on break. For example, college students generally get done with finals in December or May long before our middle/high schools get out. So once they’re done with finals, set up a time for them to go with you to a game, concert, or event.

EVERYONE GOES: set up a once a month event, concert, or game where everyone from your team goes together. Show them how much fun it can be for everyone to go together. Maybe go out for dinner or dessert before or after the event to build a sense of community with your team.

These are just a few ways you can help your team engage with students and empower them to do ministry outside of club. Remember multiplication is an essential part of ministry.

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