By: Katie Burmeister

We all want to have healthy, far reaching ministry sites. And we all know that in order to do so, we can’t do it alone. The challenge is to find the “right” people to join us on our mission. And then it’s a matter of training those people so that they are fully equipped and empowered to succeed. Building a healthy team can seem like an overwhelming task when you are already so busy investing your time with kids. But what if some of the time you spent investing in students was also time spent building up your future team?

This is the beauty of Student2Staff. When a former student becomes a staff member, you don’t need to spend any time getting them on board with our mission—they already know the value of what we do because they have experienced it firsthand. Former students know how impactful each of the RMAs can be (even if they don’t know what RMA stands for). In essence, all the hours you spent investing in them were hours they were witnessing what it looks like to be a good staff member.

So does this mean former students are ready to jump right in and handle all the responsibilities of running club and meeting with students? No. (Are you crazy? They are only 18!) This is where the Student2Staff training and discipleship model comes into play. Student2Staff is designed to help former students continue to grow in their faith and transition into the role of a staff member. It still takes time and training, but when you consider all the time you have already spent with these students you realize that so much of the foundation is already there. And with Student2Staff, the training resources are already there as well.

As Campus Life staff we have the blessing of seeing kids accept Christ and begin their life-long journey as His followers. It is then such a joy to see those kids come on staff with hearts eager to share the message of Jesus with others. They just need the chance, and the training.

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