By: Traever Wieland

When I was a sophomore in high school, I responded to the Spirit’s prompting by giving my life to Jesus!  My Campus Life director asked for those people that wanted to begin a relationship with Jesus to meet him in the next room.  For a shy, introverted kid, this was a huge leap; but now he wanted me to take another step . . . he wanted to meet with everyone that had committed their life to Christ.  He actually wanted to follow-up on what the decision I had just made at Campus Life. 

As I left the main meeting room and entered a small den, there were sign-up sheets with dates and times for students to sign for small groups.  As kids thought through their weeks and talked to their friends, they put their name and phone number in the time slot that worked best for them.  After talking with a few friends, I put my name down next to their . . . all of a sudden; I was part of a small group. 

A week later I sat around a table with my Campus Life director, Brian, and three of my friends; we talked about our decisions and the next steps that we wanted to take.  Over the next few weeks we met a few more times.   I really couldn’t tell you what we discussed, but I know that those meetings propelled my faith.

Two months later, one of my friends in this small group died in a car accident.  I am forever grateful for God’s timing and Brian’s attention to detail.  Brian trusted that God was going to work when he presented the gospel, so much so, that he put out sign-up sheets expecting God to move and life change to happen. 

Intentional.  Deliberate.  Purposeful.

Things that worked for me:

·         When my wife and I led follow-up small groups, we often did them before club.  We have our volunteer meeting and then about 25 minutes before club started, our small group would come.  It wasn’t the most ideal, but since most of the kids were coming to club anyway, it worked well.  (An added bonus was that our volunteers got to see and even participate in those groups). 

·         Just like Brian did for me, I have sign-up sheets ready for the kids after a gospel presentation.  It allows the kids to determine when and with whom they would like to meet.   (It may get a little tricky dealing with middle school kids, because you also have to figure out a time with their parents as well). 

These are just a couple practical ideas for getting a follow-up small group started after students commit their lives to Christ. 

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