By Kevin Becht

One of the biggest challenges to going deeper with kids is often our fear of uncovering issues that we may not be equipped to handle. Unfortunately, I am not sure if that is a fear based on the “issues” in the lives of the kids, or our fear of facing our own short-comings in handling those situations. The fact is, however, we can’t do it all. Sometimes we are going to need to bring others along in our journey of going deeper into a kid’s story. But who are the “others” who may need to be involved?

Parents. I must first admit, when it comes to relating to parents, I didn’t have a clue until I became one myself. Not just a parent, but a Campus Life parent. While it seems like a very fine line sometimes, the truth is, calling in the parents may be the first call we need to make.

Student Leaders/Friends. Something that has become very clear to me in recent years is that students aren’t always going deep into one another’s stories. Be sure to have a few student leaders prepared to handle some of the issues you might uncover. 

Local Church Leaders. Do you know local church leaders well enough to know who may be best equipped to come alongside a kid in need? Have you spent time getting to know their stories?

Experts/Counselors. Do you have a collaborating relationship with counselors and experts on various issues in your community? Do you know the counseling staff at the school well? Can you readily refer a student who has a specific need that might require professional counseling?

Child Protective Services/Authorities. On a rare occasion, we may be forced to make “the call” we never want to make. When a minor is being abused or neglected, and we become aware of it, we have a legal and moral responsibility to report it to the authorities. It doesn’t matter if the young person thinks it is okay. It also doesn’t matter if they told us in confidence. We must make a report to Child Protective Services or the police. If this happens, tell your Executive Director immediately, and make the report together.

If we are going to journey deeper into the lives of kids, we will need to be prepared.

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