By: Allison Johnson

This semester blogs have intentionally focused on Campus Life 201: Building Healthy Teams. We all try to be intentional in what we do. We are guessing that you try to be intentional too. We are intentional in our relational ministry actions with kids, in conversations with students and adults and we are intentional in our time with the Father.

in•ten•tion•al [in-ten-shuh-nl]
1. Done with intention or on purpose; intended: an intentional insult. (Not an accident)

The next few weeks you will see blogs all around one area: Intentional Opportunities for Expansion.

This specific section of CL 201 is focused on Community Support Teams and Student2Staff. Both of these teams are great ways to build and grow healthy ministry. They may or may not be required from you locally, but they are an opportunity… both teams are intentional opportunities for expansion in the Kingdom and in your community.

When done well, Community Support Teams can grow ownership for Campus Life with adults in a specific community. Student2Staff train and grow new staff and volunteers for Campus Life and for the Kingdom. Be intentional and check out the information about these teams. Don’t miss the opportunity.

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