By: Craig Dickison

Most of us spend lots of time working shoulder to shoulder with our team of volunteers.  But, as the summer time approaches, how many of us have spent quality time with our leaders simply for the sake of spending time with them?

Some of my greatest memories have been taking our team on overnight retreats.  It was on those retreats that I learned who my team really was.  I learned the common struggles many of us had.  I also learned how I could better support and pour into those people that often pour so much out themselves.  Through those building times, our crew has bonded and cares deeply not just for the mission of YFC, but for each other.  These times have paid large dividends in the form of team unity.

Many remember Jesus for reaching the sick and downtrodden.  But, often we overlook the time he spent pouring into his disciples.  If Jesus is our model, our ministry shouldn’t look any different.

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