By: Jamie Hooker

We’ve all had them. The kid appointments where we can’t even get a word in, the small groups that don’t go as deep as we want them to, the building times where we spend every minute dodging crises instead of talking with students. I could keep naming them, but why continue pouring salt in the wounds?

These are the moments in ministry where we go home and ask God why He didn’t call us to something easier. We planned and planned and seemingly got nowhere. I always leave making a list in my head of all the things that could have happened better, vowing that the next small group/appointment/building time will be different.

But then it isn’t.

So, I think I will try something different.

Then, that doesn’t work, either.

I spend a lot of time trying to make things happen. Is that really what God is calling me to, though? Is He telling me to make things happen, or is He asking me to TRUST HIM and His timing? I know the right answer, even if I wish I could control everything.

My job is to get the ball rolling: to make the appointment, to start the small group, to organize a game of Frisbee. My job is to create the space for God to work. I know that the more opportunities I give God to show up, He will do it in ways I never could have created on my own. When we allow God the space, He never disappoints. While it might not be in the timeframe we have created in our head, it is in His timeframe.

So, this is something our Campus Life team is working on. Giving God opportunities to show up. Maybe that means a venting session with a student where we don’t get a word in so that they know they can trust me with the big questions later. Maybe that means having a small group where conversations are about what’s happening on the surface so that students will feel comfortable going deeper later.

Whatever it looks like, I know that when we stop trying to control everything and start allowing God to be in the driver’s seat, He will do amazing things in our student’s lives in His timing. He’s good like that.

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