By: Scott Sjoblom


Summer offers us two things that are hard to come by during the school year: time and flexibility. These two rediscovered resources make summer a perfect time to start or reinvent a great small group meeting.

Here are a couple ideas on how to begin or improve your small group outreaches to kids:

Meet around an activity:

Summer is a time for fun, so incorporate that into your small groups! Why not meet at a park for basketball or at a swimming pool for a while then transition into your meeting time? Doing so will lower the emotional threshold for a student who may not have ever been involved in a small group before and would otherwise be a little intimidated.

Involve other adults/donors:

Many of our ministry partners have more to offer than just cash. Think through the adults in your life that have access to fun activities. Does someone own a boat? Maybe there is someone who would love to make treats for your group. Involving other people is a great way to give them a first hand look at the work you are both engaged in.

Start with your strongest relationships:

Identify the one or two students you have the best relationship with and start with them. What do they like to do? Do they have 3-4 other friends that would like to join the two of you?

Sounds a lot like a building time, right?

Often building times have the potential to turn into small groups. If the same group of kids is able to meet at the same time on a regular basis there is a chance for a small group to develop.

Summer can be the most profitable time in our ministry calendar if we are strategic about how we use that time. Small groups are a powerful tool to help kids connect to the Gospel. Let’s take advantage of the opportunity we have over the next couple months to go deeper with the students God has given us!

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