By Ben Talmadge, Tuscaloosa YFC

Have you started a core team yet? If so, then you may be wondering what to do with your team over the summer. Over the years I have found summer to be a challenging season for ministry. While conventional wisdom says that kids are out of school and therefore have all kinds of time, my experience is that they often disappear. Between traveling sports teams and family vacations, they can be hard to locate, much less bring together. So, here are 4 thoughts on creating togetherness with your core team this summer:

Reflect together. One of the first gatherings to get on the schedule is a time of celebration and reflection. This can be a time when team members share how they have grown personally from being on the team and how they have seen God at work in the lives of their friends. To make this time even more special, make it a cook-out or serve ice cream sundaes!

Serve together. The flexibility of summer often allows for your core team to find some unique service opportunities. For example, my kids love taking a week every summer to serve in a local soup kitchen. I have found that my team grows closer by serving together.

Meet together. Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean your core team has to stop meeting. However, it may not be necessary or feasible to meet on a weekly basis. So, try to pick maybe 2-3 times to meet over the summer, based on when the majority of the group can be there.

Plan together. One of the best ways to use the summer is to dream a little and plan ahead about the upcoming school year. Think with your team about who may be good to add to the team and brainstorm creative ways to make the core team experience even better next school year.

Creating togetherness for your core team will most likely look different over the summer, but it can also be a time when the team can connect and relate in different ways. Whatever you do, don’t allow the entire summer to pass you by without maintaining the relational momentum that your team has developed throughout the school year. Finally, don’t get too discouraged if you have a hard time tracking kids down; locating them is half the battle during the good ole days of summer!

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