By Dondi Rollins, Long Island YFC

Summer Time...and the ministry is easy. Ok, maybe not easy...but it can be really simple when we stay creative.
As a Campus Life Director I love Building Times in the summer. The days are longer, there are less time restraints and there are literally a thousand and one things (trust me, I counted) that can be done to continue to build those relationships with the students we’ve already met and possibly start some with new students.
You may be thinking, “I’ve tried some things in the past, some were successes, some… not so much. What do you do during the summer that keeps the students engaged and helps bridge that summer gap?”

Well, here are 5 Quick and Simple events that can keep us connected to our students and make our Campus Life Kick-Offs a larger event:

1. Kickball- Challenge a near by ministry site or a local church youth group. Make it an event, bring a case or two of water and just have fun. *The less athletic you are, the better (humanizes you). It’s also a great opportunity for you and your students to invite their friends that have been reluctant to attend club.
2. “Blockbuster” Movie Night- Can be held at a house, in your club space or if it’s possible, go out to an actual summer blockbuster, ie Transformers: Age of Extinction. *Quick tip… go to or to the app to check the parental guide for the movie you select. Again make it an event-Popcorn, soda, candy...if it’s in your own space, have a costume contest, print out your own CL Movie tickets or send E-Tickets.
3. Game Night- Monopoly (my personal fav), Candyland, Jenga...the list can go on and on. Have the students bring their favorite board games to share. You can set up a tournament, or just let the students float, it’s all good!
4. BBQ- This can be a fun outing at a local park, at your house, or you can involve a local church for their space. Believe it or not, a few hot dogs and some great conversations can go a long way. Do it later in the day and the S’mores just make sense. This is great for smaller Campus Life sites.
5. Beach/Pool Day- Pretty simple event, hang out near some water, sunbathe if you’re into that. The important part is to just hang out.
There are so many things we can do this summer that foster great relationship building times. Just remember, if you’re going to do something be enthusiastic about it, make it an event and always encourage your CL students to invite their friends that aren’t connected to Campus Life. The more the merrier!!!

7 years ago, on a whim we started a flag football league during the summer and since then we’ve literally seen hundreds of students come through the teams and accept Christ as their Lord and Savior. All we did was: Be intentional about getting to know the students, be real and share the love of Christ. Summer is a tremendous time to build those relationships...Please take advantage!

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