By Dave Rahn

I love the Campus Life wrap-up. Done well, it’s as artistic a communication form as any you’ll see. Great preachers can’t automatically handle wrap-ups. But the biggest reason I’m a fan is because doing wrap-ups 1-2 times a week for 13 years (with guest shots after that) shaped the central tenet of my working theology.

Jesus, the Lord of my life, can make a difference everywhere, in every moment.

There is no topic, issue, situation or challenge whereby the fundamental solution doesn’t begin with a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. As our Savior He knows every nook and cranny infected by our sinfulness, loves us anyway, and died so that we could be rescued from our life-wrecking nature. As our Lord He claims all-access privileges and takes a second seat to no other person’s expertise, regardless of the subject matter.

Think about it. Around what subject matter would you be better off NOT consulting Jesus?

Therein lies the entire secret to the Campus Life wrap-up. Pick a topic, any topic. Discuss it any which way you can. Randomly toss everyone into some similar starting place through your group’s interaction. Now get out your stop watches because it is magical to see how quickly a skilled wrap-up artist can legitimately, passionately and lovingly show unchurched kids how a relationship with Jesus is relevant to this topic.

I’ve sometimes fantasized that I’m a Ninja when it comes to wrap-ups, able to handle anything that challenges me. Or, if you prefer, the best at this skill are like Wayne Brady or Ryan Stiles. As improv artists know that any subject can be hijacked for comedic value, Campus Life leaders deftly reveal how the Lord of the Universe makes a difference no matter what the discussion.

And that’s the whole point of every wrap-up, every time—to point to Jesus.

Maybe this seems impossible. I hope not. It’s a matter of spiritual maturity and training yourself to ask the right questions of the Lord during your preparation. Ask Him to show you how Jesus has already, or could make a difference for you with regard to the subject being discussed. Focus on a single point of transformation; don’t let your wrap-up-to-be wander. Be honest and transparent and real in this reflective prayer time. As God shows you what’s true in your own life you will be able to personalize your testimony…and point to Jesus.

When Jesus is Lord He changes everything. Wrap-ups are point-by-point detailed life reviews, supplying us with opportunities to think about whether we’re letting Him change everything in us…and thank Him for the changes He has already made for us. Then we simply offer ourselves as transparent story tellers so that we can make Jesus known to lost teens. I love the Campus Life wrap-up.

Campus Life Club's Deeper Look at the Wrap Up

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