There are tons of areas where we can always improve but which of those areas are most important to you?  Take some time to read through my list of ideas below, then add a comment below to share which areas (listed or not) you would like more training/knowledge in. This will help the National Campus Life Leadership Team decide what areas to create more resource, training, and communication. Thanks!

Meeting kids in their world (Contacting)
-First conversations
-Remembering names
-Great venues to make connections

Shared experiences that matter (Building Times)
-Going from acquaintances to sharing experiences
-Designing experiences teens love
-Is it okay to just have fun?

One on one connections (Appointments)
-How much should I listen?
-Appointments 101
-Turning spiritual corners

Large Group Meetings (Club)
-Why don’t more teens show up?
-What is the line between chaos and control?
-Discussions that matter

Raising Up Leaders (Student Leadership)
-When should I start Student Leadership?
-How should I invest: abiding, leading up front, reaching out?
-Should a non-Christian teen be a Student Leader?

Small Groups
-Are they really necessary?
-Do lost teens like small groups?
-How do I facilitate instead of talk the whole time?

-I need more volunteers… help!
-How do I get my team to do more than show up to stuff?
-What if there is conflict on my team?

-What are practical ways to get more people praying?
-Does anyone have ideas on ways to leverage technology to get people praying?
-Making space for personal prayer in ministry

-Creative ideas on working with local churches for the sake of teens
-When should I say “no” to collaboration?
-What are the first steps in healthy collaboration? 

Other Areas?

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